You can make a difference. What kind will it be?

Sick of finding beautiful beaches ruined by “fast tourism?” Us too. 

Join us in changing the face of global travel.

After 20 years abroad, I moved back to APAC only to find my favorite beaches overrun with trash and diesel fumes. 

So many times, I booked “eco-friendly” hotels, only to discover mosquito-ridden swamps or dead pigeons. I got food sick, a staph infection, and a serious case of Dengue Fever. In short… I made these mistakes so that you don’t have to.

I needed a trustworthy source for places that are clean enough for my 4 year old daughter, luxurious enough to make it a real vacation, and far enough off the beaten path to make it fun. But how could I have the perfect vacation while still leaving a pristine environment behind me? 

Find amazing hotels, restaurants, and tours who champion:

Waste Reduction

Reduce single use waste and promote recycling/ composting.

Sustainable Food

Promote local and sustainable food options.

Local Communities

Create local jobs and help sustainable development in the region.

An International Team

Where we've been:


Pristiner helps you find high quality eco-friendly hotels, restaurants, and tours.


All our contributors are hand-picked from friends we absolutely, 100% trust. 

Our contributors include a BBC editor, published travel writers, a member of the Clinton climate initiative, and a globetrotting business exec.


If we don’t like a place or if we don’t think it lives up to our 4 values (low waste, sustainable food, and community returns, and value for money), then we simply don’t list it. 

No need to filter out the junk, only spots with good value for money.

We believe in taking small steps toward a better future.

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